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About Us

After years of growing ginger, visiting Hawaii and tasting varieties of ginger and island life – we just couldn’t avoid making our own excellent Ginger Ale. So often commercial bottled ginger-ale was a disappointment, and it was a rare dinner date night off that Leslie and Michael ordered some pricey craft ginger ale that fell far short of expectations. The rest of that evening they planned how they would make a farm fresh product from ginger grown and harvested and bottled right on the farm. That very first experimental batch was dug and cooked up later that night. Without kegs or bottling equipment yet – by sunrise Mike had rigged up old 2 liter coke bottles and one of his CO2 tanks to create force carbonation. Planet Earth Diversified craft soda was born. Months of experimentation followed and equipment design and development for the first 2 craft sodas of Puritan Ginger Ale and the Turmeric/Ginger Ale. The search for excellence will likely never end and more variation of flavors and herbal sodas are on the way.

First Batch Ginger Ale
First Batch Ginger Ale


You can reach our order line at 877-ARUGULA press 1 to leave an order.

Visit us to taste our craft sodas, both Ginger and Turmeric, at the Charlottesville Saturday Market from 8 am to noon

As we have the product ready for shipping, we will have an online purchase link here on this site.